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Win a Beko 28 minute Washing Machine of your choice


Beko, one of the UK's best-selling home appliance brands, has teamed up with Mumii to offer one lucky reader a brand new washing machine of their choice.

Beko has just launched an entire new range of washing machines that can wash a full load of laundry in just 28 minutes. Available across machines of different sizes, even the 12kg model supports this quick wash (that's an incredible 60 shirts in one wash!) it's set to dramatically change your laundry routine.

In fact, Beko has worked out that if you added up all the time you spent waiting for your washing machine - and used a Beko 28 minute wash instead you could save an incredible 10 days a year! Giving you more time to spend together as a family.

As well as being super speedy, the new range looks slick and stylish too. The large transparent doors with decorative covers are wide enough to get bulky items in, and the new and improved dial and LCD touch display makes it really easy to operate.

Take your pick from the range at:

Competition entry


  • Samantha Gratton


  • babymable 23:5431/10/2017
    What a amazing prize !
  • 22:2231/10/2017
    This would be the perfect Xmas gift ????
  • Podgymoth 20:2831/10/2017
    Beko are great for producing eco machines. I've encountered several of their machines and would dearly love to own one. Fingers crossed for this great prize.
  • haggismuncher 20:0531/10/2017
    Here's hoping, the washing machine i won 8/9 years ago has just broken down on me yesterday
  • jocelyn 18:2531/10/2017
    Here’s hoping!
  • sassyone78 18:1031/10/2017
    Amazing prize fingers crossed
  • warthog2407 17:4131/10/2017
    So many taxi runs for the kids, teaching them life skills and making precious memories.. this would be great :-)
  • Melp75 17:4031/10/2017
    Fantastic prize i could do with a more eco washing machine
  • judyzoody 16:1531/10/2017
    I would love to save 10 days a year so I can use my limited energy spending extra time with my family and friends.
  • amanda77 14:1831/10/2017
    This would be a dream to win,in dire need of a new washing machine,our 's only works now on 2 cycles so,definitely not energy efficient, thanks for the chance,please count me in? x
  • Janie2424 13:4531/10/2017
    Fantastic prize, thank you x
  • ckelly2304 13:4031/10/2017
    Great giveaway
  • hayls 13:3431/10/2017
    Mine sounds like a Boeing 747 taking off !
  • PAULACHEADLE 12:0431/10/2017
    fantastic prize, perfect for my daughter, as hers is not working properly
  • ang86480 10:1831/10/2017
    This machine sounds awesome, would love a super quick wash!
  • Pay20p 23:2030/10/2017
    I had a dyson...but they stopped making dyson washing machines....what there one that can match up to t????????
  • Jessica321 22:2330/10/2017
    Mine currently leaks and there is more water on my floor than in the machine!
  • mellwinkle88 20:5030/10/2017
    a new washing machine would be a godsend :)
  • valiant 20:4630/10/2017
    Thanks for this wonderful chance this would be brilliant.
  • glenn70 18:4330/10/2017
    Exactly what I need as mine is about to pack up.
  • ladychis 17:1030/10/2017
    Thank you for the opportunity! I think mine is about to pack up!
  • lilabeeb 16:3930/10/2017
    Wow this would be great thank you!
  • AmberZena12 15:2430/10/2017
    Would be very handy for my rugby player son!
  • ctpulley 14:2830/10/2017
    Super quick.
  • Jenba 12:4130/10/2017
    this would be awesome
  • Mic20525 12:3430/10/2017
    laundry ready in 28 just what every busy working mum needs.
  • Stewbidd 06:4530/10/2017
    Love to win
  • Trace21 00:4230/10/2017
    Certainly no wash day blues with this fabulous prize! Good luck everyone x x
  • jodie1131 22:1429/10/2017
    wow this would certainly make life easier having 7 children!
  • girls2go 18:2829/10/2017
    Would be a wonderful surprise
  • nessball 15:4829/10/2017
    fab prize
  • hayleyjwynn 15:0929/10/2017
    Lovely prize
  • tabbaz 10:2229/10/2017
    oh - great for quick wash of baby quilt
  • angiehoggett 09:0429/10/2017
    countme in!
  • ohmite99 08:2729/10/2017
    So need a new machine, present one keeps leaking
  • suffolknic 13:3428/10/2017
    Absolutely amazing how I could do with a super quick wash cycle under 30 minutes.
  • mummijojo 12:0528/10/2017
    this would be lovely
  • ajtidd 09:1628/10/2017
    Wow! This is such a brilliant prize! We are planning a new kitchen and this would be a most welcomed addition to it!
  • Gin06696 08:4828/10/2017
    Fab prize x thanks for the chance ????
  • mclarkiee 09:4927/10/2017
    What a nice prize
  • helenbc 21:3926/10/2017
    Wow this would be fantastic!
  • elizwai 21:3126/10/2017
    What a great prize
  • emi10 16:3526/10/2017
    Am just buying my first home so this would be just great!
  • shirlz51 22:2625/10/2017
    love to win.
  • bingophil2 09:0825/10/2017
    lets hope
  • trishh17 19:5524/10/2017
    Speedy and needy..
  • yumyum 20:4323/10/2017
    With dating teenagers, always need a quick wash cycle
  • TinkChoonage 10:0323/10/2017
    This would be amazing having 5 children.
  • Rainbowvalley 20:5822/10/2017
    Much needed amazing prize!
  • Shazwoz 16:4322/10/2017
    Fab giveaway!!
  • Emmakew 18:0921/10/2017
    So Handy!!
  • weasley1910 17:1121/10/2017
    What a fabulous prize.
  • Patty73 08:4721/10/2017
    Brilliant prize
  • mamaJem 21:4420/10/2017
    ???????? Amazing thank you
  • gwendawson 02:2220/10/2017
    Brill prize
  • madders 20:2619/10/2017
    A super speedy wash,.....great for my mucky tribe!
  • jackieamcgee 16:4019/10/2017
    wow fingers crossed
  • chuichi 12:1219/10/2017
    Amazing! This will come in very useful!
  • Jenniipenny 00:2019/10/2017
    Dream come true x x x
  • sally-rankin 18:3118/10/2017
    Amazing prize ????
  • oliviac2582 17:3715/10/2017
    What a fantastic prize! x
  • amanda222 04:4914/10/2017
    Amazing prize thanks for the chance to win it x
  • TurnipToffee 19:5813/10/2017
    I would love to win this xxxx
  • daviddavid 14:3613/10/2017 WY124854M great giveaway
  • deb123 13:0813/10/2017
    would love to win this it looks fab!
  • Melissajane77 10:3713/10/2017
    Would be fab to win.
  • courtneyk92 14:1412/10/2017
  • purpleteapot 09:2912/10/2017
    super clean clothes
  • littlefatch 14:3011/10/2017
    What a fantastic prize!
  • ssnowdens90 11:5511/10/2017
    Oh god!! YES PLEASE!!! ????
  • june1948 21:3510/10/2017
    Great prize. Thank you
  • purplepansyem 21:2110/10/2017
    An 8 or 9kg washing machine would be perfect for me, thanks for this great giveaway :)
  • pamelagriffiths74 11:3810/10/2017
    Much needed!
  • wood32 06:4410/10/2017
    The 12kg load might just stop hubby overloading it!
  • mrslizap 19:0009/10/2017
    This sounds a fantastic washing machine.The 12kg model would be perfect for washing the double duvets !
  • jadeylou13 18:0709/10/2017
    This would be a huge help my washing machine is on the blink was given to me so it's very old so this would be a great help. Have a very sickly baby and do at least 2 wash loads a day
  • Sianyj83 12:5209/10/2017
    Wow amazing giveaway x
  • rossybearr 22:2208/10/2017
    amazing prize!!!
  • Peaches23 15:1608/10/2017
    Fantastic and only 28 minutes. That's got to be a winner!!
  • victoria61 14:5608/10/2017
  • MasonsMummy 13:2308/10/2017
    amazing prize :D
  • kim8 10:4908/10/2017
    Everything crossed for this one ??
  • Farri 10:1608/10/2017
    Fingers crossed
  • zippyzappy 09:4508/10/2017
    Nice one!
  • UmmeQasim 08:5308/10/2017
    Amazing giveaway
  • 80sbabi07 08:4608/10/2017
    WOW Yes please .... a washing machine with a bigger capacity and super quick cycle such as this new Beko would be fantastic!
  • skai123 08:4208/10/2017
  • sambabyof5 07:3208/10/2017
    Such a dreamy win. So stylish as well. With four kids and another on the way this would be fantastic help with the washing pile of piles with a 28mins cycle wow plus 12kg wow super impressed massively. Family of soon 7 Ekks xx
  • lwilliam 23:5107/10/2017
    Amazing giveaway
  • Beckyy 23:3007/10/2017
    Oh wow what an amazing giveaway yes please this would be fantastic help for my large family
  • Starmum4444 21:2607/10/2017
    Sounds great 12kg wash is amazing cuts down doing 3 loads a day x
    • 1
  • Mariasmummy 20:1707/10/2017
    love this
  • Ejw73 19:3707/10/2017
    This would be perfect x
  • Maggz 19:2207/10/2017
    Making our family's washing days a dream
  • janien 18:5907/10/2017
    Excited, fingers crossed x
  • TLew 18:5807/10/2017
    Could give this a very good home :D
  • ceecee 18:5207/10/2017
    Sounds fantastic! Thanks for the chance
  • Lauwra 15:1707/10/2017
    Our washing machine is a few loads away from dying so this would help us out loads! xx
  • beela 14:1607/10/2017
  • seb3003 13:4307/10/2017
    Could really do with this in my house, the large capacity is fantastic WY124854M
  • amanda222 07:3407/10/2017
    Fab prize x
  • emlee77 01:2607/10/2017
    This would be amazing! ????????????????
  • bestbuddy77 22:5706/10/2017
    Ooh fingers crossed
  • CGORST 18:1906/10/2017
    Oooh I just love this one - It's the perfect size, low energy rating and most of all it's not rusty like the one I've got at the moment!
  • compstruck 18:1406/10/2017
    Such an important part of the household, a washing machine. I'd love this please WY124854M if lucky. Thank you.
  • jhill1105 16:2206/10/2017
    Wow! Perfect with a young baby and tweenager!!
  • goose 15:0306/10/2017
  • Eve 12:1206/10/2017
  • rosie26 23:3605/10/2017
  • auntyann 22:5305/10/2017
    Oh my goodness what a dream giveaway I would be absolutely THRILLED to be chosen as your super lucky winner!!!!...thanks so much!
  • nikkijp83 21:3605/10/2017
    This would be amazing to win! Thank you xx
  • Deborah45 21:3605/10/2017
    The best name for a washing machine
  • tenerife133 15:4005/10/2017
    Would make keeping on top of the washing so much easier
  • rue56 15:4005/10/2017
    Wow such a Fabulous prize, I wash every day sometimes twice, This would be fantastic as my current washer is getting tired .
  • dalia 14:1105/10/2017
    I would be delighted to win.
  • MandyRockeford 12:4405/10/2017
    What amazing prize to offer one very Lucky family we would really Love a washing machine be so much better then hand washing clothes of family six and make one Huge diffrence then having piles washing every where thanks for chance and fingers crossed
  • jeanniev1 12:3205/10/2017
    WB963446 9kg 1600rpm would be marvellous due to limited space for drying and uniforms and sports kits to wash frequently.
  • Kirst91 12:2505/10/2017
    Wow amazing yes please I would love to win this becko washing machine. Mine broke about 3 month ago and I just can't afford to get a new one x
  • trelawney11 11:3705/10/2017
  • sarahmummcvicar 11:3005/10/2017
    WTB1041R2 would be my choice, i need a bigger drum, sepecially with having a family of 7, The washing never ends
  • amaddisonclow 11:0905/10/2017
  • 23:5804/10/2017
    Forgot to add my choice of machine if I'm your winner.......all my other kitchen appliances are black so it would have to be WB963446 :)
  • 23:5304/10/2017
    This would be amazing.....count me in please ????
  • nolene15 22:1604/10/2017
    WY124854M The big load does it for me! cant be doing 2 loads in a small capacity when washing for 6 a bigger load drum cuts the washing in half.
  • amelia4levi 15:2804/10/2017
    would be epic x WB963446 wowwwwwwwww
  • karenusher 15:0904/10/2017
    Wow, now this is an awesome competition! Love the WMB714422 and the modern LCD display screen!
  • bulletbex 00:4404/10/2017
    Fingers crossed for the Freestanding 9kg Washing Machine WB963446 in RED WOWZER
  • Jan66 14:0203/10/2017
    Great prize
  • 145ah 01:2503/10/2017
    Freestanding A 10kg 1400rpm Washing Machine WTB1041R2 this is dreams machine every family must have one
  • PAULINE51 15:0102/10/2017
    I know how good this brand is i have a Beko fridge a Beko fridge/freezer and a Beko oven the only one i have not got is a beko washer but with your help i could have a full set LOVE ONE
  • ceecee 14:3902/10/2017
    Great prize, especiall me as I do all the family washing
  • splodge 13:3202/10/2017
    What a great choice of machines .
  • glennamy 12:2002/10/2017
  • tina 11:5802/10/2017
    Thank you for the opportunity
    • 1
  • traceydoll 11:0602/10/2017
    The WY114764M model would be perfect for our household needs.
  • famcg 10:4802/10/2017
    ooh this looks fab. Mine is on its last legs
  • fanny6 09:0702/10/2017
  • crazychick 08:2402/10/2017
    Would love a machine that that wash in 28 minutes!
  • bobble5366 08:0602/10/2017
    love to be lucky :)
  • Staciie  23:0401/10/2017
    So what we need right now. This washer is fab! Would be over the moon to win xxx
  • Staciie  23:0101/10/2017
    Ooooh yes please :) xx
  • mariner21 22:4301/10/2017
    Yes, this is what the lady of the house needs.
  • murranneo 22:3401/10/2017
    Great prize, gets washing done even quicker and moe efficient.
  • picklestar1 22:2701/10/2017
    Wow this would be amazing! Our baby is a sick one so this would be amazing!
  • CRIWBACH 19:3401/10/2017
  • manasta 18:3301/10/2017
    WY124854M A+++ Energy Rated 12kg 1400rpm Washing Machine