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Mumii – Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant

Category: Books - Pregnancy & Parenting

Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2014 Award 2017

Unique Selling Points:

Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant offers a practical, intuitive approach for creating a loving bond between your dog and your new baby. Dr Kirkham has packed this book full of information, helpful tips and the latest behavioral knowledge. It is a must read for any dog owning family who is expecting a baby and want to ensure that your dog can cope with the arrival of a new baby. But not just that you also want your baby and your dog to develop a loving relationship with each other. 

Some of the reviewers thoughts:
  • Mumii Team , Native Media HQ

    The author of this book obviously knows their stuff about dogs! It offers some really good advise on how to prepare your dog for something which is undoubtedly going to change their daily lives and routine, rather than having to do something about the dog later down the line or potentially rehome. The book gives hints and tips for how to prepare the routine before baby arrives. It is a very easy to read guide with some lovely illustrations. We love that it comes with a CD of baby noises to help prepare your dog, along with the training.

  • Victoria , Merseyside

    I found this book quite hard going if I'm honest. It want the type of book I felt I could dip in and out of to find information I needed. The book is designed to help people introduce their dog to the idea that there will soon be a baby in the house. Personally I felt this was a self help book too far. There was a CD with the book with different baby noises on- things like crying, toys etc which was a good touch but it would have helped if these noises were also available to download via the internet. Not a book I would buy, but I can see some people finding this useful.

  • Leyla , South Yorkshire

    I think this book is a lot of money for what it is. Most of this information can be found on the internet. The book is well laid out with easy to follow chapters, good use of images and case studies. However I personally believe the majority would come naturally to a dog owner.

  • Kelly , Lincolnshire

    With 5 dogs at home and our baby due in January, this book was a great read. There are lots of helpful tips regarding routine and getting your dog used to the changes before baby arrives. Nice illustrations that help to explain too. As our dogs are house dogs, they are used to most noises, but did seem interested when we played the included baby noises CD - but the more we play them, the more they ignore them. Definitely a must-read for anyone pregnant, who owns dogs!