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Keeping our children safe is the number one priority for all parents, however each and every home poses many risks for curious little hands.

Research from RoSPA shows that since there has been at least 30 deaths in the UK due to looped blind cords since 1999, 18 of which have occurred since the beginning of 2010.

As there is no 24-hour complete supervision of children and the bedroom is where most accidents happen. So being able to limit any potential hazards, like the cords on blinds is a great piece of mind for parents, however where can you find child-friendly blinds?

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We’ve found Blinds UK! These guys advocate complete cordless or chainless blinds making them the go-to place for child safe blinds. They offer a range cordless blinds including roller, vertical and blackout blinds. They have subtle colours, bright colours and sizes to suit all homes.

Although a lot of households do infact have blinds with cords and chains, it is important to know how to use them safety and child-friendly - installing according to instructions and fitting any safety devices is a must.

Blinds will be supplied with cleats or chain tidy’s which are ease to fit and will prevent children playing with cords which around their necks.


Wooden blinds are generally designed with pull and tilt cords – both of these need to be tied up around provided cleats to keep them tight and out of reach.

Roman blinds usually have chain in the front which will include a chain tidy. However, they also have back cords which need to be connected to rings that will snap when weight is applied. This means that if a child does find themselves stuck behind a roman blind the cords should snap under the pressure. These snapping rings are fairly new, meaning most blinds over 2 years old will NOT include this feature – we recommend investing in a new, fresh set on blinds to keep youngsters safe.

Roller blinds are generally made with continuous chain, this must never be left free hanging. There is a couple of options – either ensure your blinds come with 2 chain connectors that have been tested to snap if pressure is applied. Or, like those that Blinds UK offer – go for the spring operated version. They’re tidy, easy to use and completely child-friendly.

Completely cord-free, these are simple to use they operate by pulling the bottom of the blind where a little toggle will be. 

Blinds UK also include vertical blinds in their cordless collection. These work without the bottom chains you usually see and will tilt and pull with a wand (opposed to a chain). Although most households wouldn't have vertical blinds in a child's bedroom it is important to keep the whole house safe.

Clever, right? We think so. So take note and let other parents know the safe way to use blinds in their home and where they can find the most child-friendly options!


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