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Hoover Steam Cleaners - Steam is the way forward

  • SteamJet Steam Upright
  • Totality 2in1 Steam Cleaner And Handheld

We have discovered Steam! We have had 2 of Hoover's steam uprights in for test this week, testing them on floors, windows and more. 

Hoover SteamJet Steam Upright

Price: £89.99

Hoover SteamJet Steam Upright

The Hoover Steam Jet Upright is designed for floors, both hard and carpeted. Setup is quick, simple and getting up to temperature takes only a matter of seconds. Cleverly, Hoover has designed the Steam Jet with a dual head. The main larger head carries a cloth which, when pushed along the floor with the steam flowing, collects the dirt. The other head can easily be accessed by taking the bigger head off. This triangular head has a coarse metal brush and is designed for removing tough dirt and stains.

The performance of the Hoover SteamJet Steam Upright is excellent. I especially like the removable cloth idea. It can popped in the washing machine to remove the dirt once you have finished cleaning. Using the Hoover SteamJet Steam Upright is so much easier than using a mop and bucket and the result is better too. What more can I say! 

Hoover Totality 2in1 Steam Cleaner and Handheld.

Price: £179.99

Hoover Totality 2in1 Steam Cleaner and Handheld

From floors to barbeque grills, the Hoover Totality 2in1 Steam Cleaner makes light work of the cleaning tasks you tackle with it. Once again, the main head carries a cloth which is used to clean the floor. You can then detach this and use the handheld steamer to get stuck in to the rest of the house. We used it to clean our oven. Using steam here was a revelation, no more harmful chemicals, the steam just whipped through the grease and grime. Simply follow with a cloth to mop up the loose muck! The range of nozzles included means you can clean everything from limescale on taps to kitchen cupboards and even windows.

The flexibility of the Totalilty 2in1 is impressive. We loved the range of attachments and lightweight design.

Both these products proved excellent in our test. The biggest surprise is how good cleaning with steam is. If you have a dislike of chemicals and hard graft, try out a one of these two great gadgets - you will be hooked.


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