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Mumii Family Awards 2018 - The results!

‘The Mumii Family Awards encompass everything you need to know about being a Family. We took the best of the best and parents spent a month deliberating and voting for their favourite brands and products.With over 10,000 votes cast across numerous categories, we are now very pleased to be able to announce the results.’
Jo - Editor of Mumii

Best Nursery Furniture Brand
Gold - Obaby
Silver - Boori

Bronze - Infababy

Best Nursery Brand
Gold - My Babiie
Silver - Babystyle
Bronze - Obaby
Shortlisted - Ickle Bubba
Shortlisted - Boori
Shortlisted - Snugbags

Best Pushchair Brand
Gold - Bugaboo
Silver - egg
Bronze - Ickle Bubba
Shortlisted - Obaby
Shortlisted - Infababy

Best Car Seat Brand
Gold - BeSafe
Silver - Ickle Bubba
Bronze - Infababy

Best Baby Carrier Brand
Gold - Integra Baby
Silver - Izmi
Bronze - Baby Tula
Shortlisted - We Made Me

Best Sleep Brand
Gold - Rockit
Bronze - Love To Dream

Best Teething Brand
Gold - Anbesol
Silver - Nelsons

Best Children’s Food Brand
Gold - Kiddyum
Silver - For Aisha
Bronze - Piccolo
Shortlisted - Annabel Karmel
Shortlisted - Heavenly Tasty Organics

Best Snack Brand
Gold - Heavenly Tasty Organics

Best Organic Food Brand
Gold - Piccolo
Silver - Heavenly Tasty Organics

Best Toddler Fashion Brand
Gold - JoJo Maman Bébé
Silver - Kidunk
Bronze - Newbie
Shortlisted -Piccalilly

Best Organic Clothing Brand
Gold - Frugi
Silver - Piccalilly
Bronze - Newbie

Best Outdoor Clothing Range
Gold - Kidunk
Silver - Frugi

Best Children’s Clothing Retailer
Gold - Newbie
Silver - JoJo Maman Bébé
Bronze - Frugi
Shortlisted - Piccalilly

Best Furniture Retailer
Gold - Boori
Silver - Happy Beds

Best Toiletry Brand for Kids
Gold - Weleda
Silver - Waterwipes
Bronze - Vosene

Best Skincare Brand
Gold - Weleda
Silver - Frezyderm
Bronze - Bio Oil
Shortlisted - Urban Veda

Best Haircare Brand
Gold - Harry and Rose
Silver - Vosene
Bronze - Frezyderm

Best Organic Beauty Brand
Gold - Weleda
Silver - Green People

Best Health Supplement
Gold - Spatone
Silver - Vitabiotics Pregnacare Plus

Best Kitchenware Brand
Gold - Lock & Lock
Silver - Addis Home

Best Household Product
Gold - Clearly Lock & Lock
Silver - Addis Housewares Mega Mop
Bronze - Addis Housewares Easi Airer

Best Baby Toy
Gold - Taggies Soft Book
Silver - Wubbanub Pacifier

Best Children’s Toy
Gold - Mayka Tape
Silver - Infento Creator Kit
Bronze - Primo Toys Cubetto
Shortlisted - Little Brian Paint Sticks
Shortlisted - Lisciani 50 Games in One
Shortlisted - Lisciani I’m a Genius - The Great Science Laboratory

Best Toddler Toy / Game
Gold - Infento Creator Kit
Silver - Little Brian Paint Sticks
Bronze - Orchard Toys Games Compendium

Best Outdoor Toy
Gold - Infento Creator Kit
Silver - Bunch O Balloons
Bronze - Plum Create Your Own Springsafe Trampoline

Best Children’s Game
Gold - Lisciani 50 Games in One
Silver - Lisciani I’m a Genius - The Great Science Laboratory
Bronze - Orchard Toys Games Compendium

Best Family Game
Gold - Orchard Toys Games Compendium
Silver - Lisciani 50 Games in One

Best Children’s Book
Gold - Sit Chop Chew by Kate Ball
Silver - Taggies Starry Night Teddy Soft Book

Best Family Cook Book
Gold - New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner by Annabel Karmel
Silver -Easy Family Cookbook - The Orange One by Ella’s Kitchen

Best Parenting App
Gold - Skwibble! Online Baby Journal
Silver - Annabel Karmel’s Baby & Toddler Recipe App
Bronze -
Shortlisted - Play Rhymes

Best Gadget for Children
Gold - VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX
Silver - Sugru

Best Gadget for Parents
Gold - Baby Nails
Silver - Rockit
Bronze - DoddleBags
Shortlisted - Sugru

Best Gadget
Gold - Baby Nails
Silver - Sugru

Best Innovation
Gold - Plum - Create Your Own Springsafe Trampoline
Silver - Kidunk Playproof Clothing for Kids
Bronze - Skwibble! The Online Baby Journal
Shortlisted - Bugaboo
Shortlisted - Besafe
Shortlisted - Splashabout Go Splash Swim Vest
Shortlisted - Splashabout New and Improved Happy Nappy
Shortlisted -
Shortlisted - Play Rhymes
Shortlisted - Urban Veda
Shortlisted - Doddlebags

Best Travel Product for Babies
Silver - Zellie Adventure Bag
Bronze - Rockit
Shortlisted - Bugaboo
Shortlisted - Onco Baby Car Mirror
Shortlisted - Splashabout New and Improved Happy Nappy

Best Travel Product for Kids
Gold - Doddlebags
Silver - Original Konfidence Swim Jacket
Bronze - BeSafe
Shortlisted - Little Brian Paint Sticks
Shortlisted - Splash About Go Splash Swim Vest

Best Travel Product for Parents
Gold - Zellie Adventure Bag
Silver - Onco Baby Car Mirror
Bronze - Urban Veda Soothing Facial Oil

Best Child Safety Product
Gold - Mini First Aid - Family First Aid Kit
Silver - Fred Clear-view Stairgate
Bronze - Onco Baby Car Mirror

Best UK Shortbreak for Families
Gold - Parkdean Resorts
Silver - Bluestone National Park Resort
Bronze - LEGOLAND Windsor Hotel and Resort

Best UK Family Hotel
Gold - LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Castle Hotel
Silver - Parkdean Resort

Congratulations to all the brands and products involved in this year’s Mumii Family Awards!


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