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Do you really need a reason to buy yourself (or your little ones) a little treat? NO! This week we have hunted down our favourite sweet treats - there might not be a chocolate bar or doughnut in sight but you cannot deny wanting these sugary, sickly bits and bobs at home.

Yankee are masters when it comes to candles, they probably have every scent that you could imagine. Fresh linen, lavender, fruit salad but our favourite right now? It has the be the Strawberry Buttercream. It’s definitely sickly sweet but makes us feel ready to get cosy and prepare for the cold weather. How could you not love the smell of CAKE FROSTING? Yum, we wish it was edible!

Getting little ones to wash their hands properly can be challenge (one that really is necessary) which is why this week we’re loving this Carex hand wash. Carex have a fun editions range and that’s exactly what this new Love Hearts scented soap is! We were just saying, lots of products tell you they smell like something in particular but probably don’t. This soap gets it spot on…close your eyes and you’ll think you have a packet of Love Hearts in front of you. 

Lush sells this little pot of heaven that is for your lips and we’re telling you, it is the best beauty product you can treat yourself to. Made from caster sugar and jojoba oil it is the perfect lip scrub not only because it does a fantastic job but because it tastes so GOOD! It’s definitely sickly sweet as it can even lick it off, what more could you want.

Scented stationary is a must-have for any youngster and Crayola have these doodle scents, scented markers which are amazing - so we are used to seeing strawberry, apple, banana (the list could go on) scented pens and pencils. However, Crayola have gone one step further with this set. Buttered popcorn, pepperoni pizza and toasted marshmallow….OH WOW! These would make a wonderful stocking filler (gets ready mums and dads), we’re so excited so imagine being six years old and having these.

A sugary treat is always a winner but they really aren’t made for enjoying everyday, however this toy cupcake decorating set from Great Little Trading Company is. It’s so adorable and perfect for feeding their creative minds. Your little ones can even decorate the cakes with the icing pens (which are actually wipe clean marker pens). You get everything you need to become the next Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry…a baking tray, cakes, cake cases, oven mitts. The lot!


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