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Spring cleaning motivation for busy parents

We all look forward to the spring as a time to throw off the winter blues and enjoy the
fresh air and sunshine – but not many of us look forward to spring cleaning, especially if you’re juggling it around little ones. Addis has come to the rescus, with its top tips for achieving a hassle-free, sparkling home in no time.

Get floors sparkling 
Keeping the floor clean can be a full-time job, particularly with children 
and pets tramping mud and spills around the house.

For a thorough clean of hard floors, Addis’ Mega Mop cuts through grease and dirt with water alone, ideal for homes with children and regular spillages. Its super-soft microfibre head attracts dirt like a magnet, saving time by both cleaning and polishing surfaces.

For carpets and rugs, a thorough vacuum and shampoo removes winter dirt, followed by a sprinkling of bicarbonate of soda which acts as a deodoriser.

Deep clean your white goods
Appliances like dishwashers and washing machines often get overlooked during 
the cleaning process, but the dirt that these machines remove can build up, resulting in food speckled plates and dirty clothes. Try removing the filter and seals from your machines and soaking them in hot soapy water to get rid of trapped grime. Meanwhile, add a cup of white vinegar to the inside and run a hot wash for a sparkling machine.

Tackle the fridge by emptying it fully, removing trays and soaking them in hot soapy water, then giving the inside of the fridge a thorough wipe. Re-organise food using Addis’ new Cleanseal storage boxes, so that products are protected and kept fresh. Starting with fruit and veg in the
bottom drawers, organise sealed boxes of raw meat and fish on the bottomshelf, dairy products in the middle, and on the top shelf, deli items and cooked foods.

Air out linen
With brighter weather, it’s the perfect opportunity to clear out your linen cupboard and give sheets, towels and bed covers a clean, air out and tidy.

Once washed, dry outside in the sun for a natural bleach, or if you are limited on space or run into bad weather, the Addis Easi Airer offers a whopping 15m drying space on specially designed rungs, angled for easy loading.

Beat bathroom grime
Left unchecked, grime can gather in nooks and crannies in the bathroom.

There is perhaps no tougher cleaning job than scrubbing tile grout, especially if it has been building up over the winter months. Spray the area with a water-white vinegar solution, then use an Addis Comfi-Grip tile and grout brush to give it a good scrub with a bicarbonate of soda and water paste.

The brush’s short, stiff bristles are also ideal for removing limescale from shower heads. For an effective solution, fill a sandwich bag half full of white vinegar, then secure over the shower head with an elastic band. Leave overnight, then scrub with the Comfi-Grip brush.


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