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Tesco saves Mother’s Day

If like the majority of people here at Mumii HQ, you leave shopping for Mother’s Day until the very last moment, you will be pleased to hear that this year Tesco are determined to be able to help. There really is something to suit all tastes and cater for all budgets.

We have asked some of the ladies and gents in the office to let us know their Tesco favourites for Mother’s Day.

Everyone loves flowers and the ‘My finest* Mum bouquet is sure to be a hit with it’s mixture of roses and chrysanthemums, combined with seasonal cream stocks and avalanche roses. Priced at £20.

‘These are my absolute favourites and my Mum would LOVE to receive these on Mother’s Day I am sure’
Mark - Account Manager

This smaller bouquet is ideal for a little one to hand over to their Mum or Grandmother on Sunday - and at £5 the Cerises Bouquet will brighten up any sideboard.

‘I am going to get this for my daughter to give to her Grandma on Mother’s Day - we always buy a small gift and this is the perfect size’
Jo - Editor

You can never go wrong with a mug and Tesco have you covered with their ‘Mum you are amazing’ mug. At £2, this really won’t break the bank.

‘My children always spend their pocket money on Mother’s Day / Father’s Day gifts and I would love to receive this. It’s great value for money and I am sure that my oldest would make me a lovely cup of tea in bed on Sunday morning (I hope)’
Anna - Editor

How about this for something different? A cake you can write on! It’s priced at £6 and could be great fun!

‘I’d buy this for my Mum and write a comedy message on it to make her smile’
John - Graphic Designer

How about something a little more cuddly?

‘I know straight away that this is what my daughter would chose to buy for me! Over the years I have collected numerous Mother’s Day teddies and I know that the butterfly clip would catch her eye! As it’s only £5, it doesn’t break the bank either!
Vineta - Awards Coordinator

It’s a tradittion in many houses that Mum shouldn’t cook on Mother’s Day - Tesco have a great solution for Dad’s and teenagers who aren’t confident enough to cook from scratch!

‘This is a fabulous offer - I can organise dinner for my girlfriend and my twin girls still get lots of quality time with us as I won’t be slaving in the kitchen for hours! This makes everybody happy.’
Martyn - Chief Videographer

This is just a small number of the gifts available in Tesco this Mother’s Day - so if you have left it a little last minute like we have, pop along to your local store.


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